The Vetements SS 2020 Collection Borders on McDonald’s Fashion

Elevated McDonald’s fashion seems to be the theme of Vetements’ Spring/Summer 2020 collection. For a luxury brand, this setting might be surprising but taking into consideration that fashion movements have turned to a more reductionist style through deconstruction, outlandish collaboration and performative minimalism, the idea does not sound so crazy after all.

From slouchy fast food restaurant-inspired uniforms to dresses outfitted with a plush tiger bag, Vetements is definitely taking a risk. The collection is also a subtle commentary on current economic systems as some of the outfits feature name tags with the word ‘Capitalism.’ To fit the theme of McDonald’s fashion, the luxury brand also debuts the silhouettes in an appropriate setting — a Parisian outpost of the well-known QSR.

Photo Credits: Guillaume Roujas/ NOWFashion

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