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Fast Food Potato Bags

Fast Food Potato Bags


Fast Food Potato Bags

Fast food restaurants are destinations for salty, crispy fries and Burger King France is now also sharing bags of potatoes. To support farmers who have had a tough time due to restaurant closures, the fast food company is purchasing 200 extra tons of potatoes and it is giving away one-kilogram bags of raw potatoes to consumers who visit via drive-thru.Since potato farmers are struggling to sell their harvest to the food service industry, tons of potatoes are simply going to waste in the process. By giving out bags of potatoes, Burger King France is giving people what they need to make everything from wedges and hashbrown to mashed potatoes at home. To inspire creativity in the kitchen the chain has also shared a few potato-based recipes like Gratin Dauphinois and Galette from the King.

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