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Online Bitterness-Themed Beer Ads

Online Bitterness-Themed Beer Ads


Online Bitterness-Themed Beer Ads

According to a recent survey, 70% of Americans admit to posting bitter posts on social media. In an effort to make the Internet a less bitter place and in celebration of its new less bitter, refreshing IPAs, Hop Valley Brewing Company launched a hilarious new campaign that involves free beer. Hop Valley Brewing Company is giving away free beer for your bitterness online with its new IBU-O-Meter (aka Internet Bitterness Units… Ometer). The tool will evaluate how bitter an individual is on social media and generate an IBU score based on how bitter the person has been lately and users can redeem their free beer. Hop Valley Brewing Company’s new, nationally launched IPAs come in four varieties: Bubble Stash, Cryo Stash, Mango Stash and Stash Panda.Image Credit: Hop Valley Brewing Company

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