Progressive’s ‘Get Off My Insurance’ Campaign Celebrates Father’s Day

Ahead of Father’s Day, Progressive launched its ‘Get Off My Insurance’ campaign, which was done in partnership with advertising agency Arnold Worldwide.

The campaign highlights the launch of a brand new cologne, called ‘Get Off My Insurance.’ The faux scent is said to boast notes of musk, leather, tonka bean, and ginger. More specifically, the cologne is “infused with notes of wallet leather and layered with copper undertones, it explodes an essence of fiscal serenity.”

The purpose of the campaign is to spark conversations about the benefits of having fewer dependents on one’s insurance plan, which is backed up by other novelty products like the ‘Get Out of My House’ shaving oil, ‘Get Your Act Together’ hand butter, ‘ Get A Job’ body gel, and the ‘Get Married Already’ two-in-one shampoo and conditioner.

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