Quiznos Released the New Magic Mushroom Melt in Denver

Quiznos just got a little psychedelic with the debut of its new Magic Mushroom Melt. Released at just one location in Denver, Colorado, the new sandwich gave some lucky customers a groovy way to ease into summer.

The Magic Mushroom Melt is a limited-edition sandwich that Quiznos sold at the 1275 Grant Street Quiznos in Denver on June 22nd. The sandwich was unlike anything the chain has created before with a triple serving of mushrooms, rainbow-colored Swiss cheese, tomatoes, bacon, and neon purple and green ranch dressing, all served on a tie-dyed white bread bun. To drive home the tie-dye theme, the chain also offered a custom Magic Mushroom Melt t-shirt and a free Quiznos gift card to the first 50 fans who lined up for the psychedelic sub.

No word yet on whether the groovy new melt will go nationwide.

Image Credits: Quiznos.

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