Elvie, a fem-tech startup, recently launched the #LetFannyFly campaign to raise awareness regarding the lack of representation of women’s health issues, specifically weak pelvic floor muscles — an issue that affects 1 in 3 women and over 80% of new and expecting mothers.

The #LetFannyFly campaign hopes to break taboos around women’s health using humor. The initiative seeks to relate to women and make it easier for them to discuss serious matters in a lighthearted way. Elvie created a massive, vagina-shaped blimp and a pop-up titled ‘The P*issing Booth’ to be featured at a UK festival to educate women about pelvic floor weakness.

Due to issues regarding design, neither interactive marketing event was able to launch, and in response, Elvie created the #LetFannyFly campaign to bring to light unfair restrictions regarding women’s health.

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