In recent years, women have been plighted with advertisements telling them how they can “do it all,’ but UK-based chocolate brand Galaxy new ‘Choose Pleasure’ campaign takes a different approach.

The commercial shows a young woman who is literally racing through life trying to manage her career, be a mother, a mentor, a granddaughter, and an activist. The Choose Pleasure campaign eventually shows the woman take a moment to herself and enjoy a piece of Galaxy’s chocolate.

According to Polina Zabrodskaya and Michael Jones, creative directors of AMV BBDo, this rebranding is part of Galaxy’s “new tone of voice: more real, more relatable, and more entertaining. We know this woman, we are this woman, and we’re cheering for her to choose herself.” This new brand tone is a great example of companies trying to be more relatable to the struggles of modern women, and using simplicity to have females slow down and enjoy the moment.

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