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Flavor-Blasted Pretzel Twists

Flavor-Blasted Pretzel Twists


Flavor-Blasted Pretzel Twists

The Utz Twisterz Seasoned Mini Pretzels are the latest offering within the brand’s snack portfolio that is targeted towards consumers on the hunt for a satisfying option to pick up. The snack is made with small pretzel twists that are each blasted with flavor seasoning to make them well-suited for enjoyment on their own without any additional dip. The pretzels come in two flavor options including Tangy Mustard and Zesty Cheddar.CEO at Utz Brands Dylan Lissette spoke on the new Utz Twisterz Seasoned Mini Pretzels saying, “Utz continues to generate strong growth through innovation, acquisition and geographic growth. And, as a leader in pretzels and pretzel barrel sales, we see these new Utz Twisterz Seasoned Mini Pretzels as a further extension of our pretzel capabilities. Twisterz, not unlike our new Utz Peanut Butter Filled Pretzel Bites, are sure to delight brand fans and make new ones too.”Image Credit: Utz Brands

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