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Floating Ice Cream Trucks

Floating Ice Cream Trucks


Floating Ice Cream Trucks

Inspired by its own brand spot called Whatever Blows Your Bubble, Virgin Red created a summer ice cream van that levitates. In the ad, a woman blows a chewing gum bubble so big, she starts to float.For just one day in July, the brand set up an ice cream truck on the South Bank and it appears to be hanging high in the sky. The elevated experience calls for ice cream lovers to climb a 15-foot ladder in order to retrieve their treat. Staying true to its brand color scheme, Virgin Red offered a variety of colorful toppings, including everything from sweet sprinkles and paprika crisps to spicy pepper flakes and ketchup. The pop-up emphasizes the benefits of the loyalty program, reminding that there are rewards and experiences for whatever blows your bubble.

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