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Vitamin-Enriched Protein Bars

Vitamin-Enriched Protein Bars


Vitamin-Enriched Protein Bars

The FULFIL Chocolate Caramel bar is a new protein snack for consumers looking to maximize their nutritional intake by incorporating a range of beneficial ingredients into a single product. The bar comes in two serving sizes including 40-grams and 55-grams of which the former contains 15-grams of protein along with nine vitamins, less than two-grams of sugar and 140-calories. This positions the product as the perfect snack for those looking to fuel up during their daily routine in a convenient, flavorful manner.The FULFIL Chocolate Caramel bar was rocketed 100-kilometers into space before returning to Earth in celebration of its launch by the brand to position it as an out-of-this-world snack option. This also makes the snack the first protein bar to ever travel to space.Image Credit: FULFIL

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