The New Fox’s Rocky Fun Size Bar Contains Just 61 Calories Each

The Fox’s Rocky Fun Size bar has been unveiled by the brand as a new product that is ideal for on-the-go consumers as well as those looking to restrict their intake of sweets.

Containing just 61 calories each, the bars come in packs of 12 and are ideal for placement in lunches or as a small treat to give to children out of the house. They’re also great for consumers who want to fuel up between meals without having to reach for larger snack bars that contain a higher caloric content.

Brand Manager for Fox’s Biscuits Depa Patel spoke on the new product variety saying, “The new Fox’s Rocky Fun Size bar is sure to become an instant household essential for both parents and kids to enjoy. Fox’s Biscuits are stepping up innovation within the category and at only 61 calories per bar, the fun size bar far exceeds the government’s under 100 calories initiative, coming in with considerably fewer calories than competitors on the market.”

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