These New Plenish Juice Shots Come in Three Flavors

These Plenish juice shots have been positioned as a premium refreshment option that will offer consumers a plant-based, nutrient-dense option to choose.

The shots come in three flavor varieties including Gut Guardian, B12 Blast and Ginger Ninja, which are all made with organic, cold-pressed ingredients. Each of one the shots are preserved using pressure instead of heat to help the juices maintain as much of their original nutrients as possible.

Founder of Plenish Kara Rosen boasted about the Plenish juice shots saying, “If you’re looking for a potent pick-me-up, nothing beats our juice shots. Small but mighty, we’ve designed these to combine maximum flavour with maximum function – Plenish juice shots keep you running on plenty. At Plenish, we believe that switching to a plant-based diet is the most powerful thing we can do to improve our health and that of the planet – which is why our B12 Blast, in particular, is an invaluable addition to our range.”

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