To help guests get a better look at its immaculate architecture and colorful stained-glass windows, Norwich Cathedral in England installed a towering funhouse ride. The fairground-style ride is stationed not outside but inside the actual chapel’s nave, standing well over 16 meters tall. With a viewing platform at 12 meters, visitors are able to appreciate the intricacies of the medieval cathedral’s Gothic ceiling—and enjoy the thrill of a ride on the slide that swirls around the structure on the way down. The helter skelter installation itself is a rental from Chipperfield’s Circus and was originally built in 1947.

Reverend Canon Andy Byrant was struck with the idea during a visit to the Sistine Chapel to address the fact that “We have one of the greatest collections of medieval roof bosses anywhere in northern Europe. The trouble is they are so high up that most people never get a chance to really appreciate them.”

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