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Furniture-Centric Sleep Podcasts : sleep podcast

Furniture-Centric Sleep Podcasts : sleep podcast


Furniture-Centric Sleep Podcasts : sleep podcast


IKEA Takes an Interesting Approach to Marketing Its Products

IKEA attempts to help consumers drift off at night with a furniture-themed sleep podcast. The aim is to provide an “ideal and healthy environment for slumber,” however, one can easily view it as an interesting marketing strategy as well.

The soothing sleep podcast begins with backstories of IKEA product names. The content is essentially a full reading of the company’s 2019 catalog. There are two versions available to consumers who wish to try out the stream’s effectiveness — one is narrated by Sara Eriksson and the other one is by her husband Kent.

Whether the activation effectively works as a sleep podcast or not might be up to interpretation by the listener. However, the idea proves to be, without a doubt, quite creative and curiosity-spiking.

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