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Gamer-Targeted Energy Drinks : cans of energy drinks

Gamer-Targeted Energy Drinks : cans of energy drinks


Gamer-Targeted Energy Drinks : cans of energy drinks


Red Bull’s Cans of Energy Drinks Feature Images of the Gamer Ninja

Some of the newest cans of energy drinks from Red Bull feature images of Ninja, sporting his signature Ninja X Red Bull headband, in two different styles. While one slim energy drink can depicts a portrait of the gamer, the other shows him performing a dance. The gamer-targeted energy drinks are complemented by matching secondary packaging and help to support a Ninja campaign that gives gamers the chance to lock down a gaming session with Ninja, gaming gear or even merchandise from the energy drink brand, by sharing their gaming and creativity skills.

With the rise of eSports, everything from beverages to apparel are being reworked to target the specific needs of gamers who desire high-performance products that will meet the demands of intense gaming sessions.


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