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Donut-Scented Lip Balms : donut lip balm

Donut-Scented Lip Balms : donut lip balm


Donut-Scented Lip Balms : donut lip balm


Dunkin’ Launched Donut Lip Balms That Smell Like Munchkins

Those who love the taste of Dunkin’s Munchkins will now be able to get their hands on donut lip balms that are scented, packaged and priced just like the small donut holes. The beauty products from Dunkin’ are packed in sets that are designed to look like takeaway containers and can be purchased at participating Dunkin’ locations for $6.

While both of the lip balms are sweetly scented, the orange lip product is said to have a smell that’s extremely reminiscent of marshmallows.

The limited-edition donut lip balm sets are only being introduced for a limited time, although the item is proving to be so popular that it is already selling for more than double the original price on eBay.


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