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Gender-Neutral Menstrual Cups : UltuCup

Gender-Neutral Menstrual Cups : UltuCup


Gender-Neutral Menstrual Cups : UltuCup

UltuCup Creates Inclusive Products for Non-Binary People & Trans Men

Most menstruation products are created and marketed as feminine hygiene products that cater only to cisgender women but a number of brands like UltuCup are now creating gender-neutral period products that favor a more inclusive approach. The UltuCup Menstrual Cup is an eco-friendly, reusable silicone cup that’s available for people of all ages, shapes and experience levels, and is offered in three sizes: Model 1, Model 2 and the Mini cup.

While most menstrual cups on the market offer similar design features, this one is specifically branded to speak to not just cisgender women but also non-binary individuals and transgender men with menstrual cycles. Notably, the cup is colorless and the brand avoids the use of language that leaves out various consumer groups.

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