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Gluten-Free Summery Rosé Ciders : summery rosé

Gluten-Free Summery Rosé Ciders : summery rosé


Gluten-Free Summery Rosé Ciders : summery rosé


Strongbow’s Beverage That is Perfect for Picnics & Get-Togethers

Strongbow’s new summery rosé is ideal for the warm months as it delivers a refreshing and flavorful sensation. The alcoholic beverage is made to be gluten-free, assuring that it suits the dietary restrictions of a greater plethora of individuals. The Strongbow Rose Apple Cider is made with real red-fleshed apples which delivers a “crisp, semi-dry, light-coral” taste to the table. Whether it be consumed at a park picnic or just casually at a party, the summery rosé is accented by subtle fruity notes, making it a tasty treat.

Given the packaging aesthetic, as well as the liquid’s appearance — light-coral tinted with a pink hue, the summery rosé makes for an Instagrammable prop which definitely has a layer of appeal to it as well.


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