The Fazer Nordi Dark Chocolate Line Includes Four Flavors

The Fazer Nordi dark chocolate line has been unveiled by the Finland-based brand as a series of sweets for the US market that aims to deliver exceptional quality in an accessible format.

Inspired by Nordic flavors and experiences, the chocolates come in four flavor options including Hazelnut & Campsite Coffee, Sea Buckthorn & Salty Caramel, Raspberry & Tangy Licorice and Smooth & Dark Original. Each one of the bars contain 70% cacao and includes sustainably spruced ingredients that are also non-GMO.

The Fazer Nordi dark chocolate line was addresses by Managing Director of Fazer Confectionery Nathalie Ahlstrom who said, “Like our founder, Karl Fazer, the fearless pioneer who brought people new ideas and inspiration from all over the world, we value artisanal crafts and pure ingredients to innovate and combine taste sensations that touch upon magic. We saw a great opportunity to bring our promise ‘Northern Magic. Made Real’ to the US market with our better-for-you, premium chocolate brand that imparts a sense of Nordic adventure through the taste of chocolate.”

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