FaZe Clan and Siberia Spirit Launch an Online-Only Apparel Capsule

These limited edition hoodies are the result of a collaboration between FaZe Clan and Siberia Spirit — which is known as Siberia Hills’ online-only clothing line. Available in a white and black colorway, the clothing fuses design elements that relate to the roots of the brands. The visual boasts two anime girls who are dressed in purple and are carrying rifles. Neon green palm trees are in the background. Siberia Spirit is written in an arched gothic font on top of the image, while FaZe Clan’s logo is present in neon green on the sleeve of the limited edition hoodies.

While the anime theme is reflective of Siberia Hills’ signature aesthetic, the riffle motifs are tied to ‘Call of Duty’ which is a game that has fundamental value to the origin of FaZe Clan.

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