Onken Yoghurt Launched ‘The Haus of Inner Happiness’ Pop-Up

Yogurt brand Onken is launching a one-day happiness-themed yogurt experience, aptly named ‘The Haus of Inner Happiness.’ The pop-up is part of the brand’s new ‘Feed Your Inner Happiness’ campaign and will feature the brand’s newest flavors.

The sensory-themed event is an immersive experience that will trigger your sight, smell, and taste senses. The Haus of Inner Happiness event begins with a vibrant and colorful tunnel that leads to a sunshine-themed room. The room includes a “fruity swing set” that’s set in a strawberry field, a chance for visitors to test their sense of smell through at an aroma station, and a tasting bar with all of Oken’s decadent new yogurt flavors.

The free pop-up event will take place on Thursday, July 18th, and is located at Great Newport Street, London.

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