Mojipic Allows Drivers to Write Messages on Their Windshields

Drivers frustrated with other driver’s behavior or wishing to express their fandom are now in luck with Mojipic’s voice-controlled emoji car display. The device was created by Brothers Ilya and Igor Pashko and is the ultimate customizable bumper sticker.

Mojipic is integrated with Apple and Google to display over 1,500 GIFs, emojis, and more. The gadget is also equipped with QR code capabilities to share your story or business while driving. In addition, users can make their own real-time drawings or display pre-installed 8-bit games. The emoji car display is visible at night or in the day and is bright enough without being blinding.

This product has multiple business implications for ridesharing programs, displaying the brand’s logo or for food trucks displaying their menu and features.

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