A new range of health-conscious Fazer chocolate bars have been unveiled by the brand to offer consumers an alternative way to indulge their sweet tooth. The candy bars include the limited-edition Fazer Oat Choco and the Karl Fazer Crispy Mint, which are characterized by their vegan profile and no added sugar recipe, respectively. The bars are set to be available from Fazer outlets to start with a wider release expected to take place in 2021 or 2022.Fazer Group’s Head of Research Jussi Loponen spoke on the new Fazer chocolate bars saying, “Our talented chocolate technologists managed to develop delicious solutions to two challenges: a plant-based product and a chocolate with no added sugar. We are investing in expertise and technology related to oats. We have mills in Finland and Sweden. In addition to our beloved classics, we want to introduce new plant-based options in all our categories. We have now taken our first step towards oats in our confectionery business, and we can also make use of this new innovation in other products.”

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