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Health-Focused Snack Bars

Health-Focused Snack Bars


Health-Focused Snack Bars

This new Perkier probiotic snack bar is being launched by the brand in the UK to offer consumers a way to support their overall health and wellness with a beneficial option to enjoy when hunger hits. The snack bar comes in Blueberry with Dark Chocolate and Madagascan Vanilla with Dark Chocolate flavor options, which are both crafted with two probiotic strains. These are reported by the brand to be 1,000-times more effective than dairy products when it comes to making it to the gut intact.Co-Founder Ann Perkins spoke on the new Perkier probiotic snack bar saying, “Our Active Cultures bars are the UK’s first and only range of probiotic bars, with billions of active cultures for a Happy Healthy Gut. As more consumers demand products to support their gut health and overall wellbeing, we have extended the range with our new Blueberry & Dark Chocolate bar capitalising on Perkier’s powerful combination of great taste and cutting-edge functionality. This new launch will meet this demand and support Perkier in its goal to grow its share of the healthy snack bar category.”

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