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Hellmann’s Big Night In Sauces

Hellmann’s Big Night In Sauces


Hellmann’s Big Night In Sauces


The Hellmann’s Big Night In Sauces Spices Up Nights at Home with Takeout

Spending the night in instead of heading for a friend’s place or a bar has become a more popular pastime as of late, which is seeing brands respond with new products like the Hellmann’s Big Night In Sauces.

Targeted at consumers aged 16 to 35, the sauces are meant to be used on your favorite takeaway meals or on home cooked recipes to help enhance the flavor with a touch of spice. The sauces come in four varieties including Chicken (Chilli BBQ Sauce), Pizza (Chilli Garlic Sauce), Kebab (Tzatziki Sauce) and Mexican (Spicy Sauce).

Vice President of Foods at Unilever UKI Andre Burger spoke on the inspiration behind the new Hellmann’s Big Night In Sauces saying, “We know that a huge part of the ‘Big Night In’ occasion is food, whether that is people ordering a takeaway or creating their own meals at home. The takeaway delivery market has seen staggering growth over the past decade and is now worth an estimated £4.2bn. The new range is set to tap into this growing opportunity, so we would encourage retailers to stock up now in order to benefit.”


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