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Hilarious Margarita Giveaways

Hilarious Margarita Giveaways


Hilarious Margarita Giveaways

Ahead of National Margarita Day on February 22, Jose Cuervo is thanking the unsung hero of the niche holiday – Todd McCalla. Todd is “a regular guy from Ohio” who happens to be the founder of National Margarita Day. He created the holiday “simply because he wanted to enjoy margaritas with friends during the winter.” To thank the mastermind behind this momentous day, Jose Cuervo is thanking Todd with a massive “Snowmarg,” a real-life snow sculpture of the holiday founder. In addition, Jose Cuervo fans can also say “Thanks, Todd” on social media between February 19th to 22nd for a chance to win $8 via PayPal, an amount chosen to cover the average cost of a margarita. To enter, you must be 21+ and follow @JoseCuervo. Entrants can drop a comment on the applicable Jose Cuervo post with the #ThanksTodd

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