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Honest Parenthood Campaigns : this is parenthood

Honest Parenthood Campaigns : this is parenthood


Honest Parenthood Campaigns : this is parenthood


WaterWipes’ ‘This is Parenthood’ Shares the Realities of Parenting

To better support parents today, WaterWipes is launching a project called ‘This is Parenthood,’ which aims to create an authentic discussion about parenting and disassemble the picture-perfect representations of it that are perpetuated by social media. In response to research that suggests a high percentage of parents feel that they are failing their first year of parenthood, WaterWipes created an initiative to validate these feelings, unite parents who feel this way and capture both the highs and lows of the journey.

WaterWipes’ #ThisIsParenthood campaign is kicking off with a 16-minute documentary film that shares honest stories from 86 parents across three continents, capturing their experiences from pregnancies to first birthdays and struggles with going back to work, self-confidence and relationships.


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