With Canada’s recent legislation of cannabis, the Province of Ontario has proactively launched ‘Barely High’ –an anti-impaired driving campaign to educate Ontarians of the dangers of driving while under the influence of marijuana.

The campaign features four hilarious videos of individuals who are slightly stoned. The first video, ‘Giggles,’ features a man laughing while eating ramen. The second video, ‘Dance,’ displays a stoned individual awkwardly slowly dancing alone. The third video, ‘Smokey Eyes,’ shows a woman who severely smudged her eye makeup. The last video, ‘Toes,’ depicts a man rubbing his feat in a fuzzy carpet.

The tagline of the videos is “Barely high is still too high to drive” and uses humor and relatable situation to educate the public on the dangers of operating a motor vehicle — or any mundane activity — after smoking marijuana

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