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Immersive Color-It-Yourself Installations : artistic opportunity

Immersive Color-It-Yourself Installations : artistic opportunity


Immersive Color-It-Yourself Installations : artistic opportunity


Camden Town Brewery Boasted an Artistic Opportunity

Dedicated to advancing the creative spirit, Camden Town Brewery organized an inclusive artistic opportunity for visiting tourists and residents in London. On May 18th, the company celebrated the launch of its Limited Edition Design Prints with a Color-It-Yourself Installation which was set up at Ely’s Yard in Spitalfields.

This is a great example of how a marketing activation can bring together people, promote artistic opportunity for both professional, emerging and novice creators, and tap the imagination of the public.

The product that was debuted is a collaboration between Camden Town Brewery and 12 artists. This partnership has proven to be a popular one in the context of contemporary society. Launching 12 different prints which are part of a larger promotional campaign, the Color-It-Yourself Installation was comprised of three blown-up designs by Lucy Kirk, Ryan Chapman, and Thomas Slater.


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