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Intentionally Revolting Burgers

Intentionally Revolting Burgers


Intentionally Revolting Burgers

Aiming to capture the essence of 2020 with flavor, Burger King Brazil assembled a bad-tasting burger with only displeasing ingredients that only get even more disgusting when paired together. The campaign features ingredients like soggy noodles, chicken feet, sardines and fish, all of which are layered on top of the other to create a burger that truly looks as bad as it surely tastes. Burger King Brazil challenged a few customers to try the revolting burger, which was impossible to get down. To spare people the horror of having to encounter this burger, Burger King clarified: “This product will definitely not be marketed in Burger King restaurants. Unless the year 2020 doesn’t end in December, which would actually be worse than any sandwich.”Image Credit: Burger King Brazil

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