Elvira Gavrilova, a well-known director, producer, co-owner of the international advertising company Amillidius, and chief editor of the Fostylen magazine, has recently shot a commercial for the luxurious five-star Hotel de Paris Odessa MGallery By Sofitel. The video, in other things, as always, turned out to be interesting and captivating.

Many directors of big cinema were engaged not only in the creation of film masterpieces but also in the shooting of commercials. Big brands often hire the best filmmakers when shooting their commercials. Speaking of filming the best advertising of all times, you involuntarily recall Ridley Scott, the author of such masterpieces as Alien, Blade Runner, and Gladiator. His Chanel #5 and 1984 commercials for the Apple Macintosh are still considered the best ever. Elvira Gavrilova directs not only advertising but also shoots videos, produces large-scale projects and people. That was why Elvira Gavrilova was entrusted with shooting the commercial for the luxury brand Hotel de Paris Odessa MGallery By Sofitel.

It’s not a secret that many directors have favorite actors, who are their muses. Sharon Tate has always been a muse for Polanski, Uma Thurman inspires Quentin Tarantino, and Penelope Cruz gives inspiration to Pedro Almodovar. It seems that Elvira Gavrilova’s muse is the young model Anastasiia Bondarchuk, whose production she is engaged in. More than once, in interviews for various media, Elvira mentioned that Nastya is an excellent actress and model and that working with her is a pleasure.

So what is Elvira Gavrilova’s commercial for Hotel de Paris Odessa about? We contacted the director and asked her to tell us about the storyline of the video.

Elvira Gavrilova, “Hotel de Paris Odessa MGallery By Sofitel is one of my favorite hotels in the chain, that was why I chose my best model and actress Anastasiia Bondarchuk for the filming. And I was right because she did one hundred percent! The plot of the video revolves around the hotel guest (Nastya Bondarchuk) and a mysterious young man (Garik Gasparyan), whom she meets in different locations and roles: at the beginning, he gives her his hand upon arrival at the Hotel de Paris; he opens the hotel doors in front of her, delivers luggage to her room, makes a cocktail at the bar, and at the end, they both have dinner in a luxurious hotel restaurant. Nastya cannot make out whether this young man is real, or she just imagines him. In the process of filming, viewers discover the luxurious interior details of the Hotel de Paris Odessa MGallery By Sofitel. It is one of my favorite works!

The commercial for Hotel de Paris Odessa MGallery By Sofitel by Elvira Gavrilova is an indicator of high professionalism and meticulous attention to detail. Watch it and see yourself!