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Internationally Sourced Rum Ranges : Berry Bros & Rudd

Internationally Sourced Rum Ranges : Berry Bros & Rudd


Internationally Sourced Rum Ranges : Berry Bros & Rudd


Four new rums have been launched by Berry Bros & Rudd to offer spirits with a range of flavor that call to mind the traditions from distillers from various parts of the world. The new rums are from Guatemala, Nicaragua, Jamaica and Barbados, and are each made with premium ingredients to put a focus on the best-quality product possible. Despite the premium profile the rums are all priced at an accessible level to make them suitable for consumers of all ranges to pick up.

Berry Bros & Rudd Spirits Buyer Doug McIvor spoke on the new rums saying that, “I look for balance and complexity, maturity and texture – for excellence,” said McIvor. “Equally, age is not king: maturity counts for much more. While there is beauty in a cask that, over time, has breathed its youthful vigor to the angels, embracing the oak to find harmony and great balance; the oldest may not be the most complex, the most perfectly poised.”


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