Fans of HEINZ Ketchup can now show off their love for the brand with this new collection of holiday apparel.
From vintage holiday sweaters to mittens, scarves, button-ups, and beanies, there’s something for every ketchup lover.The collection includes the HEINZ Ketchup Pocket T-Shirt, the HEINZ Holiday Sweater, the HEINZ Holiday Mittens, HEINZ Button Up, Heinz Perfect Pouring Angle T-Shirt, and the HEINZ Wrapping Paper. The collection also includes the adorable HEINZ Christmas Pickle ornament that’s perfect for your tree. The entire HEINZ Ketchup holiday collection is now available to purchase online with prices starting at $5.95 USD. Plus, fans who order their gifts by December 15th are guaranteed to have their packages arrive by Christmas.Image Credit: HEINZ Ketchup

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