Barclays’ Souvenir Swap Shop Lets People Trade Tchotchkes for Cash

To kick off the launch of Travel Wallet, Barclays is hosting a Souvenir Swap Shop with Gemma Collins that promises to help people rid themselves of unwanted knick-knacks.

With Travel Wallet, a new in-app feature that helps Barclays customers keep tabs on their spending abroad, travelers will be able to easily exchange pounds into euros or US dollars without additional fees for card transactions, and also exchange currency left in their wallet after a trip for free.

As Barclays’ research shows that 23% of people purchase souvenirs at the end of a holiday simply for the purposes of using up the last of their cash, the Souvenir Swap Shop set up in London will let people exchange the travel purchases they most regret for cash, after the items have been valued by Collins.

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