Nike Commissions Artworks to Go with Its Inspirational Launch

The inspirational launch of the Air Max 270 React series is amplified through a deeper immersion into the world of modern art. Earlier this year, the footwear giant tapped a number of artists to create a range of bespoke sneakers that would add a sophisticatedly creative twist to the world of shoe design. While the result is mesmerizing and unique, Nike does not stop there. Instead, the brand supplements its inspirational launch with a series of paintings, commissioned to match the sneakers themselves.

The styles include Moses Adesanya’s Bauhaus-inspired model, Jasmin Sehra’s Geometrically informed one, the Mid-Century classic by Denzel Kessie, a Psychedelic silhouette by HAM the illustrator, an Impressionist touch from Koby Martin, the American Modern rendition by Kingsley Nebechi, and finally the Optical by Erin Aniker.

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