The Chinatown Market Logo is Replaced by Variously Inspired Designs

The Chinatown Market logo has always been known to be a yellow smiley face, encircled by the brand’s name. However, in its latest collection, the contemporary streetwear brand takes a different approach and playfully remixes the logos of other entities — from sitcoms to auto manufacturers, superimposing its own aesthetics.

The clothing ranges in price from $40 to $80 USD. The streetwear label retains the major features of the branding assets and tweaks them, creating a new Chinatown Market logo on the basis of others. One can see remixed versions of the BMW, Mercedes-Benz, UPS, IKEA, Seinfeld, and many more logos.

This collection includes silhouettes of t-shirts, long-sleeve shirts, as well as hoodies. Consumers can opt-in for a singular Chinatown Market logo remix design, or they can choose the Logomania long-sleeve which features an abundance of them.

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