The New Maryland Chocolate Cookie Bars Contain Less Than 100 Calories

The Maryland Chocolate Cookie Bars have been announced by the brand as part of its first foray into the chocolate biscuit bar market and are sure to come as a welcome addition for consumers with a sweet tooth.

Containing less than 100 calories each, the bars come in 19 gram serving sizes, and are filled with chocolate chips and covered in chocolate for a sweet way to enjoy a treat out of the house. The individually wrapped profile of the snacks make them perfect for packing as part of a lunch or tossing into a bag as a quick snack.

The new treats were boasted by Burton’s Biscuit Company Marketing Director Kate Needham who said, “Maryland Chocolate Cookie Bars combine great-tasting chocolate and cookie indulgence with an individually wrapped portion pack at just 97 calories per bar – a compelling proposition for the growing number of consumers who want to treat themselves but who are also mindful of calorie control. We’re hoping to invigorate the out of home treat occasion by offering the UK’s only fully coated chocolate choc chip cookie in a single serve bar that’s ideally suited to on the go.”

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