The Pacer Low Proof Seltzers Contain an ABV of 2%

The Pacer Low Proof Seltzer cocktails have been announced by the Craft Brew Alliance (CBA) through its pH Experiment unit as a new option for consumers that addresses the demand for lower alcohol refreshments.

The canned cocktails will launch in July in the US in three flavor varieties including Meyer Lemon & Lavender, Blood Orange and Melon & Mint. Each of the cocktails has an ABV of 2%, which is lower than many of the existing beers and cocktails on the market to make them applicable for consumers seeking to reduce their intake of alcohol.

pH Experiment General Manager Karmen Olson explained the inspiration behind the new Pacer Low Proof Seltzer cocktails saying, “We heard from many drinkers who said they wanted something that would help them pace themselves to stay in control. With seltzers growing triple digits but available only in non-alcohol or 5% ABV, we saw an opportunity to create a low-proof offering that would allow drinkers to moderate at their own pace.”

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