OPPO’s ‘Lead the Species’ Appeals to Adventurous Millennials

Lead the Species is the name of a new campaign from global smartphone brand OPPO that appeals to Millennials who are passionate about exploration, adventure and cutting-edge technology. In particular, the campaign highlights the OPPO Reno series and introduces a group of explorers leading the human race to new discoveries on the Red Planet. The campaign explores the possibilities for a new future and reflects the Middle East’s own goals for space travel and colonies of the future.

The artful Lead the Species campaign features custom-made costumes, including avant-garde suits and couture outfits, that are paired with futuristic makeup looks and scenes on a rugged Martian landscape.

According to OPPO, “Our aim is to inspire Millennials to further explore themselves and to embrace their inner leader—much like we have done at OPPO.”

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