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Mesmerizing Inflatable Mazes : inflatable maze

Mesmerizing Inflatable Mazes : inflatable maze


Mesmerizing Inflatable Mazes : inflatable maze

Architects of Air Curates an Experience That is Perceptually Striking

Dubbed ‘Daedalus’ — a name that refers to “the architect of the Labyrinth of Minos in Greek mythology,” this inflatable maze was intended to take attendees on a journey to experience the “phenomenon of light.” The installation was located at the Royal Albert Dock in London and was available to visit until 23rd of June. The design was conceived by Alan Parkinson who is the founder of Architects of Air.

The inflatable maze is composed out of “a variety of different colored pieces of translucent material” which are there to “create varied light-filled spaces.” The ambiance of the installation is, without a doubt, highly engaging, mysterious and inspiring, lending itself to subjective interpretation.

The vibrantly accented “interconnecting series of domes and tunnels” run 47 meters in length and 31 meters in width.

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