Consonant Skincare Created Small But Mighty Products and a Pop-Up

Every year, Canadians are faced with months of cold weather, which can cause dry, uncomfortable skin—to provide a solution to this by drawing attention to its powerfully hydrating serum, Consonant Skincare created a miniature skincare campaign. The skincare brand opened up a small-scale pop-up and supported it by launching tiny samples of its HydrExtreme hydration-boosting serum, along with shrunken shopping bags and coupons to match.

While some people might not even realize the havoc that winter wreaks on their skin for months on end, Consonant Skincare also created a special card that could be pressed on the cheek so that one’s “own dry skin flakes revealed an offer” for a free four-milliliter bottle of the HydrExtreme serum that could be collected at the compact pop-up beauty shop.

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