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Social Media Fan Page Support : facebook creators

Social Media Fan Page Support : facebook creators


Social Media Fan Page Support : facebook creators


Facebook Creators Will Now Have More Avenues of Support

Facebook creators will now have new avenues of support as a result of recent changes. One of the major changes is that Facebook will now allow creators to decide placement for ads on their content. This will allow creators to incorporate advertising that does not interrupt videos, which includes pre-roll or images based advertising formats. Facebook creators will also be able to create groups where members have to pay a monthly fee. This would allow creators to interact with fans in a smaller space, as well as one that provides direct support to the creators.

Also included among the new features is the ability for creators to manage audience engagement. Creators can share their audience information with companies to better streamline the advertising process. This can be done using the Brands Collab Manager, which was initially announced at VidCon last year.

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