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Mobile Battle Royale Games : Tiny Royale

Mobile Battle Royale Games : Tiny Royale


Mobile Battle Royale Games : Tiny Royale


Tiny Royale Reinvents Battle Royale for Snapchat’s Snap Games

Some of the most popular online multiplayer video games of the moment are battle royale games and Tiny Royale gives mobile gamers the chance to experience the phenomenon. Tiny Royale is one of the biggest games to be added to Snapchat’s Snap Games and it is a significant contribution to the platform, as it was created by Zynga, the developer of the hit game Farmville.

Tiny Royale is touted as a multiplayer shooter that “reinvents the battle royale experience for the Snapchat platform,” giving users the chance to play with custom characters, team up with friends or even engage in quick, two-minute solo rounds. Up to 30 people can battle within Tiny Royale, offering a “bite-sized” gameplay experience that’s said to be comparable to other popular titles within the genre like PUBG or Fortnite.


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