The New Highland Spring Sparkling Spring Water Packaging is Fresh

The new Highland Spring Sparkling Spring Water packaging has been unveiled by the Scotland-Based brand as a way to help create a cohesive brand image across the entire product lineup and entice shoppers. Featuring an updated bottle design and transparent label, the packaging is in-line with the still water bottle packaging from the brand and focuses on freshness. The transparent design of the label and bottle is accented by a hint of green color to convey the calorie-free and sugar-free profile of the drink.

The new Highland Spring Sparkling Spring Water packaging was addressed by Head of Marketing at Highland Spring Group Carol Saunders who said, “Whilst still a popular option for special occasion consumption, sparkling water is now considered an everyday treat that’s a little more special than still water thanks to bubbles that create a sensory experience. With all this in mind, the opportunity to win in plain sparkling water is huge. The new bottle has already tested well with consumers and we’re confident that it will deliver against demand and drive further growth.”

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