Tim Hortons Created a 52-Ounce Mom-Sized Iced Coffee

For Mother’s Day, select US Tim Hortons restaurants offered a mom-sized iced coffee that comes in at a 52-ounce extra-large coffee size—which is almost enough to hold an entire pot of coffee. This supersized iced coffee cup for mothers made with the Tim Hortons Premium Blend marks the largest size from a major coffee chain in the United States.

On Mother’s Day, Tim Hortons offered the mom-sized iced coffee to moms—even dog moms—for free on a first come, first serve basis in select regions. When it came to ordering the oversized drink, moms only needed to ask for the “mom-sized” option. The chain also introduced a set of Mother’s Day-themed donuts, which would have paired perfectly with the extra-large coffee order.

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