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Multi-Country Wine Collections : Squealing Pig

Multi-Country Wine Collections : Squealing Pig


Multi-Country Wine Collections : Squealing Pig

Squealing Pig from Treasury Wine Estates Come in Six Varieties

The Squealing Pig wine collection from Treasury Wine Estates is a new lineup of libations from the brand for the UK market that aim to provide an authentic array of products for consumers to try.

The lineup of wines includes six varieties in total that are sourced from all over the world to let consumers try different options to pinpoint their favorite. The collection includes wines from Australia, New Zealand, Italy, France and Argentina.

The Squealing Pig wines were detailed by Treasury Wine Estates European Marketing Director Kirstie McCosh who said, “Squealing Pig is a unique proposition from TWE. It is one of our first multi-country of origin brands and highlights our ability to source quality wines from across the globe. This is not only important in the current climate, but is also key when it comes to engaging our target consumer who demands ever more choice.”

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