Budweiser’s Harvest Reserve Deep Golden Lager Was Made with Farmers

Budweiser has been working with the farmers who grow the barley it uses in its beer for generations and now it is honoring this partnership with the limited-edition Harvest Reserve Deep Golden Lager. With the release of this special lager, Budweiser notes that this is the first time that the brand has ever collaborated on a recipe with its farmers, stating “Releasing this beer for the harvest season is Budweiser’s way of celebrating farmers after a year spent preparing for these precious few months.”

Naturally, the Harvest Reserve Deep Golden Lager is made with all-American barley from family farms that has been toasted for a longer period of time to yield bold taste that pairs well with the hoppy aroma. The all-malt beverage is contained in bottles that feature the signature of collaborator Jim Dixon, a fifth-generation Budweiser barley farmer.

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