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Multi-Serve QSR Coffee Drinks : McCafe Frappes

Multi-Serve QSR Coffee Drinks : McCafe Frappes


Multi-Serve QSR Coffee Drinks : McCafe Frappes


The Prepackaged 40-Ounce McCafe Frappes Come in Caramel and Mocha

Fans of the McCafe Frappes from McDonald’s are sure to be pleased about the news of a large format, multi-serve option being launched to allow for convenient at-home consumption. Coming in a new 40-ounce bottle, the beverage is available in Mocha and Caramel flavor options, and is perfect for consumption on its own or as part of a cafe-inspired drink. The prepackaged coffee is made from a premium blend of the brand’s Arabica coffee along with sugar, milk, natural flavors and other ingredients.

The new large format McCafe Frappes are available now at select retailers nationwide and have been launched just in time for warmer weather. The drinks are sure to be favored by the rising number of consumers seeking out prepackaged coffee beverages as a convenient way to boost energy.

Image Credit: McDonald’s


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