Burger King Sweden’s 50/50 Menu Offers Plant-Based and Meat Options

In 2017, Burger King France gave consumers the chance to order a Mystery Burger and be surprised with one of 10 signature sandwiches from the burger chain—now, Burger King Sweden is exploring a similar concept with its 50/50 menu. Only meat eaters will want to order from the 50/50 menu, as it is based around sharing the Rebel Whopper and Rebel Chicken King, one of which is made with real meat and the other that is said to be “so similar to real meat that you won’t notice any difference.”

The 50/50 menu randomly serves up either a plant-based or a regular meat patty to customers, where the Rebel Whopper offers a similar experience to the classic Whopper with a plant-based patty. For the sake of surprise, Burger King Sweden doesn’t reveal whether a person received a plant-based meal or not.

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