Starwood Property: “Anyone who bets against [CEO] Barry Sternlicht bets against me.”

Yum! Brands: “I like Yum! Brands very much. I think it’s a buy, buy, buy, buy, buy. What a great couple of quarters they’ve had and new CEO, I’m not worried.”

Netflix: “It’s my least-favorite FAANG stock, frankly, and the reason why it’s my least favorite is because it’s got all this competition coming in.”

GW Pharmaceuticals: “I would keep your position. I don’t know if you need to double up. I mean, you know, we had [CEO] Justin Gover on recently and I think the world of the company. I think it’s a really, really good company and in the cannabis space it is the best because it’s actually cannabis that’s been approved.”

Beyond Meat: “This is a really, really hard … it’s hard. I’ll tell you why it’s hard: [CEO] Ethan Brown’s great, they do a good job, but the stock is expensive.”

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